Year of the Parish Logo Explanation

YEAR OF THE Parish LOGO(Adapted for the Archdiocese of Davao)

The circles of people whose hands are intertwined symbolize the communion within the BECs. These communities are linked together by the outline of the cross which signifies the parish as communion of communities. It also includes other faith communities and organizations that are in the parish that – although trans-parochial in nature, are called to actively take part in the life of the parish and BECs.

The outline of the cross also symbolizes the vertical and horizontal dimension of communion – communion with the Triune God and with each other.

The bread and chalice at the center symbolize the Eucharist which is the sacrament and celebration of this communion.

The bible which is also at the center symbolizes the Word of God that is shared and proclaimed which is the source of faith and basis of communion and which nourishes and build up communion.

The yellow circle, like the sun, symbolizes the light of Christ that shines in the life of the members of parish and these communities.

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