Celebrating Valentines Day

love heart rose valentines daySome call this also the happy hearts day. And rightly so. This is a time when hearts are light and soft, sort of like God-held hearts of flesh.

Greeting cards, romantic mushy texts, flowers, quiet intimate dates are various ways one shows another how loved and valued that other is.

Ever creative that people are, expect that in the future new ways of loving another will come. Especially from focused church-based groups who hold heart-pruning seminars on how to grow in love of God, and consequently, into loving people more.

God who surprises and who is our perfect lover will make possible valentine gifts of forgiveness and reconciliation, bouquets of Hail Marys for those too far to hold and hug, holy masses especially for loved ones who are spiritually and physically dead. In emptied and grace-filled hearts, God can do much more.

Holy hearts day to everyone!

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