DC Herald makes Ateneans more conscious about Church’s event

Atenean Reading DC Herald

Reading DC Herald is a weekend habit for Ateneans.

The Ateneo de Davao University-Matina Campus has been a subscriber of Davao Catholic Herald newspaper since 2014. The grade school department has been receiving 402 copies of the newspaper every week. They are being circulated to different offices, Christian Living (CL) teachers, and to students.

According to Grade 6 CL teacher, Mrs. Nimfa Mole, the newspaper has been an effective way in feeding the student’s spiritual awareness with the happenings in the local Church.

“The students were given an individual newspaper and I let them browse and choose an article from the newspaper to be read during weekends, and base from their chosen article, they have to write at least 3-4 sentences about their learning which will be submitted to me every Monday. Personally, whenever I read their write ups, I get struck because they have really gained something helpful and useful for them,” said Mole.

Grade 6 student Donnamae Feliz Dioso said that she herself has become more conscious about the church’s activities because of DC Herald.

“Before, when I wasn’t reading the newspaper yet wala talaga akong masyadong care and wala akong masyadong alam. Unlike now, I have an interest and eagerness to know the church’s events,” said Dioso.

DC Herald Newspaper definitely deepens the Atenean’s spiritual bond. It has been in their system to read and get acquainted to different activities of the Catholic church. The Good News has been spread and has been inculcated in their minds. (Gladys Shane Valdez)

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