Holy Cross of Mintal subscribes to Catholic newspaper

Holy Cross of Mintal subscribes to Catholic newspaperThe Holy Cross of Mintal Inc. (HCM) is a private-catholic school in Mintal that offers good quality education to pre-school, grade school and high school catholic education. But also Non-Catholics are very welcome to the school. It is administered by the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary.

The HCM is one of the Davao Catholic Heralds’ subscribers from 2015 up to now. Almost every week they receive copies of the newspaper and are distributed to their offices inside the campus, such as in the Principal’s Office, Library, Student Activity Coordinator’s Office, Guidance Office, Prefect of Discipline, and in the Faculty Room.

High School Principal Ms. Edilhynie Jambangan said that DC Herald focuses on the spiritual aspect that helps them to become aware of the happenings in the community, parishes and other schools. They are able to validate the news or issues that they get from the social media.

“Na-remember ko yung may news about may madreng namatay na nakasmile. First we have seen that on Facebook, but when that issue came out, parang kahit kami dun sa Faculty room nag-agawan kami ng newspaper (DC Herald) just to read it or siguro to confirm what we have read (online),” Jambangan added.

Holy Cross of Mintal subscribes to Catholic newspaperThey also tried contributing articles to DC Herald. In fact, one of their students who is a news writer from the schools’ publication, The Voyager, sent it.

“They also felt proud kasi at least iyong article nila na-publish. Parang one way of encouraging them na it is not only in the school paper limited yung talent or skill nila, p’wede din gamitin sa outside (newspaper) just like DC Herald,” added Jambangan.

Campus Minister, Sr. Roselyn Garder, PM, said that DC Herald is very useful in terms of getting an information about the events in the local Church of Davao such as activities in the parishes. They were able to know the reflections of the bishops, priests, and other writers, too.

“It’s really Good News g’yud. Lahi siya sa ubang newspapers nga atong mabasa It is more about our faith g’yud,” Sr. Garder added.

The school receives 50 copies per week. The yearly increase in enrolment can also mean increase in subscription. (Cris Allysa C. Lazaro)

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