Being God’s steward moves Nonoy to care for environment

“This is my passion: to love and care for Mother Earth. My sense of mission and advocacy is anchored on the fact that I am God’s steward of creation,” this was the thought shared by Wilfredo “Nonoy” Rodriguez in the sidelines of the recently-concluded Disaster Preparedness Workshop held last March 2-3 at San Pablo Parish, Davao City.

Nong Nonoy from the Immaculate Conception Parish, Mintal, Davao City expressed the urgency of caring for the environment as initial step in disaster preparedness.

His advocacy on the care for environment started in 1988, when as one of the founding members of Kinaiyahan Foundation, he helped conceptualized training manuals and illustrations that will be used by community organizers (CO) in their efforts to inform church workers and parishioners about issues that affect the environment and the survival of God’s beautiful creation.

Now 69 years old, he finds no reason to stop his advocacy for the environment. With the continuing abuse of Mother Nature and the looming disaster brought by the destruction of ever-fragile environment, he shared one simple desire: “It is my prayer to encourage others to care for the environment. Let’s be part of the solution rather that be part of those who abuse Nature,” he said. (Danny Escabarte | Volunteer)

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