Graduation is about beginning and closing chapters

March 26 caricature graduationEvery graduation represents a milestone accomplished by every student. From kindergarten to elementary to high school to college to graduate school or from technical course to another technical course, this graduation ceremony will always be a milestone for all concerned – administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students.

Although graduation is always for students, let us not forget the teachers who also labor day –in and day-out just to provide instructional materials flavored with love and compassion to the students. Graduation is also a moment of celebration for parents who also labor day-in and day-out just so the children can go to school. Parents work hard so they can pay the tuition fees and provide allowances to their children.

But most of all let us congratulate the students who are the center of this graduation ceremonies. These students know that every March the school year ends to welcome a two-month hiatus. This break prepares the students, parents, and teachers for another grueling ten months of schooling. This is very cyclical because that is what graduation is all about – closing and beginning.

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