Schools urged to participate in SKP 2

We are all aware of the ongoing war against prohibited drugs and its consequential criminalities. Most of us have been overwhelmed by the extent the drug menace has permeated our country, traversing all sectors and social classes of Philippine society. The dire situation is calling for a concerted effort of government, the Church, civil society organizations, the private sector, civic groups, academe, and business establishments, as well. As religious and social institutions, many of us have opted to partake in this multi-sectoral task with our meager human and material resources.

Through the Archdiocesan Social Action Center (ASAC), we have launched the Sagop Kinabuhi Program 2 (SKP 2) in collaboration with implementing partner-agencies and institutions, to manifest our commitment to contribute to the challenging endeavor of rehabilitation. Initially, it will cover Talomo District as pilot area. However, we feel the need to expand the area of coverage (with a sense of urgency) considering the swelling of the ranks of Voluntary Submission for Reformation (VSR) people.

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