Trusting the Church

Our local parishes and public chapels of religious congregations, schools and GKKs are filled on Sundays. Most of these run on-going constructions made possible by parishioners’ donations.

The PSLs (Pangulo sa Liturgiya) gather by the thousands once a year. The different Marian processions and devotions count thousands of devotees. Our schools register several thousand students.

In general all these show, among other things, a remarkably sincere trust in the Church. They also show trust in the bishops, priests and religious who are in the leadership bracket in the Church’s institutional structure. Included in this trust are their lay collaborators who in general are sincerely dedicated even if mostly unknown.

This trust of the Catholic faithful is motivated generally by their appreciation and gratitude for the services given by the parishes administered by priests with the cooperation of Religious Sisters and lay workers. These services are mainly sacramental, liturgical, educational (mostly for the youth sector).

With some exceptions which can reach hundreds, there is generally no popular trust in the Church’s ability to provide guidance on public morality especially in the area of family life, business ethics, partisan politics, governance, professional ethics, legal ethics, environment, and social communication. The priceless treasury of human wisdom acquired over the centuries is one reason why the Church is always new and ageless.

We hope and pray that more and more people inside and outside the Church should learn from, and trust, the wisdom of the Church.

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