Easter Defines Holy Week

Palm Sunday ushers in the week we call holy. Easter Sunday defines its holiness.

After Palm Sunday (April 9) from Monday to Saturday (April 15) morning we observe a lot of devotional activities that inspire holy thoughts, evoke holy words and motivate holy behavior. The defining moment is the decision to change for the better our relationship with God, with our inner selves, with others and with the environment. This is what Easter is all about, truly and essentially.

This is really possible because the Risen Lord makes it possible. But it is indispensably necessary that we have deep faith in Him, that He is mysteriously alive accompanying us during our Good Fridays and Black Saturdays of pain and suffering and death, and raising us up to the bright Sundays of a new beginnings.

Faith in the power of the Resurrection is actually experiencing the Risen Jesus through His Spirit as we in our daily life pass-over from slavery to freedom, from light to darkness, from weakness to strength, from decay to growth, and from sadness to joy. This is the defining moment of Holy Week, the joyful beauty and splendor of a transformed person at the end of Holy Week. A really splendorous, beautiful, joyful and new life.

A Joyful Easter To All!

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