Inter Mirifica: Responsible social communication

inter mirifica social communications responsible journlismIn the “society, men have the right to information, in accord with the circumstances in each case, about matters concerning individuals and/or the community. The proper exercise of this right demands, however, that the news itself that is communicated should always be true and complete, within the bounds of justice and charity.” (Inter Mirifica)

The manner in which the news is communicated should be proper and decent. This means that in both the search for news and in reporting it, there must be full respect for the laws of morality and for the legitimate rights and dignity of an individual for not all knowledge is helpful, but “it is charity that edifies”. (Inter Mirifica)

“Doing the right thing. Doing what is good not necessary all the right but good in the eyes of God. Truth of what really happened is good and that’s the social communication,” Davao Catholic Herald Editor-in-chief Fr. Ritsche J. Gamaya stated about morality and immorality in communication.

He also said that people should not make stories by themselves but spread what is true and just. They should hear both sides of the story to see the whole picture without any bias.

The millennial children, who “make use of the media of communication, should take step to accustom themselves to moderation and self-control in their regard. They should, moreover, endeavor to deepen their understanding of what they see, hear or read.” (Inter Mirifica)

“Why do people send links of pornographic materials? Does it help the society? Or they only stimulate our human desire—our sinful desire rather than benefit us. So we in the media, our call and challenge is to observe,” Fr. Gamaya said.

Thorough discussion should be made of these matters with their teachers and experts, and learn to pass sound judgments on them. Parents should always remember that they have a serious duty to carefully guard their children on watching shows, reading publications and other things of this sort, which may be morally harmful, enter their homes or possibly affect their children under other circumstances.

According to Fr. Gamaya, we can only be in solidarity with one another if we observe charity among ourselves. Ethics and aesthetics must hold the absolute primary of the objective moral order to complete perfection and happiness.

“If the media are to be correctly employed, it is essential that all who use them know the principles of the moral order and apply them faithfully in this domain.” (Inter Mirifica)

“Evangelization… we are one of the evangelization… as a catholic institution, we should work hand in hand,” Fr. Gamaya said referring not just a challenge to the HCDC community but to everyone.

“A special responsibility for the proper use of the means of social communication rests on journalists, writers, actors, sellers, critics—all those, in a word, who are involved in the making and transformation of communication in a way.” (Inter Mirifica)

Hence, responsible journalism is knowing what to inform, educate and persuade people basing from what is true, without any biases considering integrity and sincerity. Everyone has the power to direct mankind along a good path or an evil path by the information being imparted and the pressure exerted. (Jason Amisola)

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