The Voice of the Good Shepherd!

Jesus the Good ShepherdThe Good Shepherd Sunday reminds us of Someone who leads us in our journey in this life. This is a fitting reminder that we have a person who walks in front of us. We follow Him and we listen to His voice. This Someone is no other than Jesus. He is the one who shepherds us. If we always follow His guidance and we constantly listen to His words then we will never go wrong.

Jesus said to Peter “feed my sheep.” Peter brings the words of Jesus to the people. After St. Peter the Popes continue this mission. We have Pope Francis in our time. In the local churches, the bishops act as the shepherds of the flock. They guide the people, they nourish them with God’s word. Do we listen to our shepherds? Do we consider their authority as the continuation of the power of the Apostles? Let us always listen to the voice of our bishops because they carry the mission of Jesus – the Good Shepherd.

On this Sunday for the Prayer of Vocation – let us pray as well that more young people will heed to the invitation of the Good Shepherd to embrace the priesthood. Pray for more priests and religious in the Church!

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