Near to Christ

editorial Our Lady of Mt. Carmel“In the Carmelite liturgy for the feast of our Lady of Mount Carmel we contemplate Our Lady as being ‘near the Cross of Christ.’ This is also the place where one finds the Church: near to Christ.”

These words of Pope Francis he once addressed to the Carmelites are encouraging words for all of us today. In a world torn apart by wars, poverty, famine, sickness and calamities, we need to come near to Jesus. As members of the Church, coming near to Jesus who suffered pain and rejection makes our own suffering meaningful. For when we suffer for Christ and with Christ, our suffering saves us.

The surest way to come near to Christ is no other than through our Beloved Mother, Mary. May our Mother Mary, the Our Lady of Mount Carmel bring us closer to her Son Jesus. Viva Maria, Viva Jesus!

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