St. Peter, the first Pope

Marawi editorialOne of the greatest miracles in the Catholic Church is the Pope. We have now been gifted with 266 Popes since St. Peter was chosen by the Lord Jesus as His Vicar on earth. Despite their being human like us, they were chosen to lead the Church to continue the mission of Christ.

The endearing pontifical work of its office spans two thousand years, covering the triumphs and tragedies of humanity. The Popes witness the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms, human and spiritual crises.

In the beginning, the man chosen as the first Pope — St. Peter — was not of extraordinary stature, saved by the grace bestowed upon him by Christ. We know St. Peter better than the other disciples, as he is mentioned 195 times versus 130 times combined for the other disciples. Many accounts tell us of his pitfalls like being rebuked by the Lord as he was just exalted as a “Rock” and received the Keys of Heaven. In another occasion, Jesus was extending His arm to save a drowning Peter who tried to walk on water with little faith. He even swore to die with Jesus on Jerusalem, only to deny Him shortly after the arrest of Jesus.

How patient the Lord is. He has already taken into consideration our imperfections, Popes included. For no matter who is at the helm of the Church, the Pontifical work of St. Peter continues with the divine guarantee of Jesus Christ that even the gates of hell shall not prevail upon it.

Let us seek the intercession of our Lady, that we remain faithful to the vicars of Christ.

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