World Population Day

Caricature world population dayBy 2040, the world’s population will be 8 billion while the population is increasing, the areas good for farming, safe drinking water and the minerals which can be used as fertilizers has not increased.

El Niño and La Niña has compounded the problem.

Some still do not believe that global warming is already here. Some say that the prediction of Malthus that a human population explosion will lead to war because nations will fight to get more lands to plant food to feed their citizens is a reality not a theory. It is good that many still put their trust in the Lord. They tell others not to panic and adopt extreme measures.

Abortion, intrauterine devices, vasectomy, tubal ligation and contraceptives pills will not solve the crisis. We have survived for thousands of years; thousands of natural calamities from comets and meteors crashing on earth, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, plagues, war, famine etc. that we are still here is not by accident.

We believe that God will not abandon us although sometimes we turn away from him. The church is concerned about global warming and is cooperating with others in trying to stop it. Population control is something else.

St. Paul wrote that our bodies are sacred temples created by God. Abortion is murder. Ligation and vasectomy is the cutting and removal of a part of the body. Contraceptive pills and IUDs mean putting inside the body something bad which is foreign to the body. This is a desecration of a sacred temple. With humility, we should admit we do not have all the solutions. We should call on God for help and guidance. We cannot solve this issue on our own.

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