editorial exaltationThe cross is exalted. The tears are extended. Jesus and His mother were focused on one thing—the salvation of sinners. The cross as a symbol of great shame, of great crime committed of a prisoner during the time when Jesus was crucified, has become a symbol of victory over death, of glory, of pardon of sins, and most of all—of love. It was a true victory over sin, for Jesus shed His blood for all, thus he became the sacrificed lamb who bore all the sins of mankind. It was a symbol of glory, for Jesus’ death was the first step in order for God to show His true power which is to raise His Son on the third day as He has promised. It was the act of ‘advanced’ forgiveness of sins although Jesus was not even sure if His sacrifice would not be wasted or be in vain. Lastly, it all happened because of His ‘great’ weakness when it comes to men—His love.

His love for mankind is His weakness. His love also for His mother is His weakness. That’s why He entrusted everyone to His mother—Mary. Starting from that time, her tears which were intended for Jesus, were extended to all. She no longer cried for His son who bore all the mockery, the scourges, the agonies, and every physical and internal pains. Her cries, as in the title of Our Lady of Sorrow are now also for Her ungrateful and disobedient children. Her cries are extended for her unhappy children who seek worldly nourishment which leaves them unwell, empty, and hungry. Her cries are for her children who continually hurt others through deception, lies, irresponsibility, materialism, selfishness, greediness, unfaithfulness and many more. Her cries did not stop in her eyes, but it moved her lips to pray happily for every sinner—for her children.

Until now, as long as the judgment day is not here yet, their tears, their cries, their agonies continue. As God’s children, there is only one thing that we can do, to live every moment of our lives conformably to His will. As Mary’s tears continue to flow, as the exalted cross hangs, this reminds us that we are loved intensely by Jesus and Mary. By this great knowledge of love are we to remain, selfish, cruel and ungrateful children still?

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