Surrender to Charity

editorial charityCharity is the life of God. He freely gives what belongs to Him – eternal happiness, the very reason why we were created in the first place. We are also expected to freely give ourselves to a life of charity. This is the only way. Centuries upon centuries, we mistook freedom as preference. We always thought, even today, that the world is ours for the taking. It is beautiful and familiar. Whereas, we see our faith as “legalistic” and “institutional.” Needless to say, the resulting effect is devastating. The culture of death culminates this preference — death both body and soul. When will we learn? To give up our preferences in favor of our faith, our God, may lead us to where we do not want to go, but this leads us to true life. (Benedict XVI)

Let us learn from the Blessed Mother, she was born to transmit Life. Her fiat continually brings hope and liberation to the whole world.

Kudos to the Sisters of Charity!

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