Update the ‘Faith-Book’

As more and more people get to be ‘facebook’ (FB) users and fans, it is noticeable how not a few also make use of such social media to propagate love, peace and other virtues or kingdom values. This may also be called ‘faith book’ using FB to promote the teachings of Jesus and holy heroes. St. Paul had exhorted his companion Timothy to “fight the good fight of faith. Take firm hold on the everlasting life to which you were called when, in the presence of many witnesses, you made your profession of faith” (1 Tim 6:12).

One also needs to be aware of the particular desires which are deceptively harmful and lead to a trap that destroys the true pursuit of faith. For instance, the lure of money may make one forget to be honest, truthful and just, and so put passing material [earthly] pleasure over the opportunities to be a humble evangelizer and share one’s resources with the needy as a generous servant of the Lord, the Giver of all good things [gifts]. We can always turn to the inspiring example of the countless men and women who faithfully followed Jesus and used their money wisely for the building up of the Kingdom. They aptly walked the way of the Beatitudes and experienced true happiness in their hearts. “Be glad and joyful, for a great reward is kept for you in God” (Mt 5: 12); “Whoever obeys these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be great in the kingdom of heaven” (Mt 5:19).

The Word of God prods us on to move in the direction of the Master Teacher. He remains on top of the list of priorities, and we aim at “His greater glory” as St. Ignatius of Loyola strongly urged his Jesuit followers. Above one’s self-satisfaction must linger the God-satisfaction, or else human competition and vainglory will shine as the prior advantage. Every day, every moment, may we consciously choose to avoid the destructive stone-blocks and cling to the faith-stones that will build the family of God wherever we are. May our powerful angelic allies protect us always from demonic taunts, the “snares of Satan” and enable us to update our ‘faith-book’ along the twists and turns of our earthly missionary journey.

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