Davao NYD delegates are ready for Zamboanga!

“The theme is the backbone of the event,” so was said by the Education Committee of Davao Archdiocesan Youth Coordinating Apostolate (DAYCA) Jonalen Asares. Asares explained why every delegate should know why a theme is important to be understood and reflected upon before coming to any event. She was one of the speakers when the DAYCA conducted an orientation for the upcoming National Youth Day (NYD) 2017 last September 24, 9am-4pm at San Pedro Cathedral Auditorium. The said orientation was attended by the official delegates of NYD 2017 from different parishes around the Archdiocese of Davao.

The orientation started a ‘getting to know each other’ activities followed by inputs about the history of NYD, its theme and its importance, about the place of Zamboanga and its festival sites, and also about the security and how each of the delegates are requested to be responsible during the 5-day event. Asares further explained the theme, “The Almighty has done great things for me and Holy His name (Luke1:49),” wherein she emphasized why it was called “Canticle and Magnificat.” She then told the delegates, “how lucky you are to be one of the delegates.”

Lein Algabre Cabantac, a delegate from St. Mary’s Parish said that he was happy and pressured at the same time when his name was picked out to be one of his parish’s official delegates. One of his preparations is to ask for financial solicitation for miscellaneous and other incidental expense during the travel. When asked about expectations, Mr. Ronel Fabiania of St. John Paul Parish said that, “I am looking forward to what I can get out from the experience.

Finally, DAYCA Coordinator Ryan Jay Salaum confirmed the official number of participants, “as of today, we have 53 delegates from the Archdiocese of Davao, and we are prepared for the upcoming National Youth Day 2017,” he said.

In 1986, the CBCP approved the celebration of the NYD every December 16, the first day of Misa de Gallo and is celebrated annually in local churches as day of the youth. In line with that the Episcopal Commission on Youth-Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (ECY-CBCP) has decided to gather all the young people in the Philippines for a five-day event. The first NYD happened year 1998 at the Diocese of Malolos. The NYD activities are centered on the theme offered by the Holy Father for the yearly celebration of World Youth Day (WYD). The National Youth Day (NYD) is an occasion offered for the young people to celebrate and deepen their faith, and a special moment of coming together as one body, united in a journey towards intimacy with Christ. (source: ECY-CBCP)

(Danielle Alexa Paeste | OLAP SoCCom)

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