Blessed Miguel Agustin

Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro

Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro

During the 1920s, the Catholic Church in Mexico experienced severe persecution. Many priests, nuns, religious, and devout lay persons gave their lives defending their faith and serving the community. One of them was Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro. He was a Jesuit who was close to the poor and known for his sense of humor.

The churches were closed and public worship was banned; nevertheless, Blessed Miguel Pro continued his priestly ministry underground. He would wear disguises such as a beggar, a well-dressed businessman, even a police officer visiting a jail where he administered the Viaticum to the condemned prisoners. In the evenings, he would bless homes, baptize infants, hear confessions, anoint the sick, and celebrate Mass in different places.

Finally, when he was caught, arrested, and accused of plotting to kill the president of Mexico, he was sentenced to die without any trial, together with his two brothers. Upon his pleading, one of his brothers was spared.

On the morning of November 23, 1927, he was led to a firing squad, refused to be blindfolded, knelt down to pray, and as he stood up, he forgave his enemies, opened-wide his arms – forming like a cross – clasping a rosary on one hand and in the other a crucifix, shouted, “Viva Cristo Rei!”

Perhaps, it is good to reflect on his words, “All risks are worth taking when it comes to God.” Sometimes out of false humility, we decline tasks which are really duties, or out of human respect, we say otherwise in cases where our faith and morals need to be defended, worst, we become lukewarm to our Faith. May the Lord grant us strength that enabled Blessed Miguel Pro overcome his fire of trials. (Johnny Sulit)

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