Channeling ripples of peace and healing

The end of the Marawi war in Mindanao has opened and enhanced a prayer brigade for peaceful sustainability and healing of wounds, while the government focuses on repair and rebuilding of structures for the homeless and marginalized victims. There is no rest to the call for prayer and renewal of life for us sinful creatures, redeemed but as yet engaged in a spiritual battle with the forces of satanic evil that go against the law of the Creator. To obey God’s law has always been the teaching of the messengers of God, from the Old Testament to the time of Christ. “Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission better than the fat of rams” (1 Sam 15:22). “Although he was Son, he learned through suffering what obedience was, and once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for those who obey him” (Heb 5: 8-9).

Jesus the Son of God, is our Savior who redeemed us from sin. This is recalled in the Mysteries of Light, particularly the 3rd mystery that announces Jesus’ proclamation of the Kingdom and the need of repentance for sin. His life is an example for us disciples to walk the way of humble submission and denial of self or suffering. As his brothers and sisters and children of Mary, It is timely for us to join hands and efforts towards peace and reconciliation in prayer and dialogues of friendship where possible with those of other beliefs, particularly our Muslim brethren. Said efforts towards unity may be our offerings to Our Lady of Fatima in this 100th year anniversary of her apparition in Portugal, as we also rely upon Mary’s motherly support in continuing Jesus’ mission on earth. We recall that at Fatima and in other places of Mary’s apparitions, she begged for constant prayer and penance.

No matter how small be our attempts to pray and strive for reconciliation and healing, alone or with others, these will become rippling channels of peace winning over hearts and homes for the one God and Father of humanity. The 05 November 2017 ‘Lord Heal Our Land Sunday’ at EDSA gathered thousands present physically or in the spirit to pray for our nation’s healing and an end to all killings. The prayer service also kicked off activities for the 33-day period of the Church’s ‘Start the Healing’ campaign wherein Catholics are requested to pray the rosary until December 8, the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. With Mary, may we become faces of God to all the poor and suffering persons we meet and in need of kindly assistance. We trust that the Virgin of Fatima will grant success to all our good intentions to create ripples of peace and healing as humble but faithful channels of God’s goodness.

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