Christ, King of the Universe

editorial washing of feetThe Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus as King of the Universe marks the end of the liturgical year. The 52 weeks beginning January and ending on December 31 of the civil calendar is divided into the seasons of the year in the liturgical calendar.

The Advent season marks the beginning of the liturgical calendar followed by Christmas then the Ordinary season. Lent comes in before Easter and then the Ordinary season resumes and ends with Christ the King. Important commemorations of saints are also celebrated along the way. As He came for us, lived with us, suffered for us and is risen and is seated at the right hand of the Father, He is worthy to be our King.

After following through the cycle of life of our Lord throughout the year, can we allow Him to rule us? Have we allowed His lifestyle to give flavor to ours? Does he occupy enough space in our heart in all our undertakings?

May Christ reign in us!

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