Communion of Saints

communion of saints editorialA common saying goes, “There is no business more important than the business of eternal life.”

All our saints had a prayer life. They were in constant communication with God, always relating everything to God, be it in good times or worst. No wonder they had a cheerful disposition.

Pope Benedict XVI defines prayer as an attempt to eternity. Nobody went to heaven without praying. Prayer life is a necessity for all of us who are heaven-bound. God wills us to exist and to eventually be with Him. In prayer we thank and adore Him, we express our contrition and desires — like children.

Saints also have a way to touch the heart of God. These ways are so interesting to discover only if we put our time and for us today .Interest in reading the books about the lives of the saints. They are models in their time and it is healthy to emulate them. Moreover, do not be afraid to pray to them, they are close to God too, like the angels.

Let us celebrate life by praying and emulating them. Remember, the greatest of them all is the Blessed Mother. She is the closest to Jesus.

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