Valles: ‘Mediocrity has no place in the church’

Archbishop Romulo G. Valles D.D proudly said that in the recently-concluded Mindanao-Sulu Pastoral Conference XVI, everybody gave his/her best and ‘not the second best.’ In his homily at the thanksgiving mass held in San Pablo Church, Matina, Davao City on November 13, Abp. Valles stressed that the Archdiocese of Davao is grateful and proud for the people behind the preparations were, as he told them, “not a mediocre” one.

From the efforts of the steering committee composed of clergy, religious, laity and in partnership with the city government, he expressed his sincerest thanksgiving to everyone for the hard work.

Attended by representatives of each committee, he joked that due to the tedious work, one could get an “MSPC-sitis,” a sickness connected to the event’s title.

“We all worked hard, for all the many meetings, and there was even tension,” Abp. Valles added.

He gave his special message and lesson to the seminarian-volunteers who were there, “there was no intention of display of wealth. For the church, it must always be the best and not the second best. I know during your formation, you are reminded not to be mediocre. This MSPC event was not a mediocre event.”

The byproduct of the event, according to him is “one degree of stronger sense of Church in Davao. It was the biggest event I had so far being an Archbishop. I see how strong, how generous, how skillful, and how we could work to always want to give the best. If we add up all our skills, there’s something that we can’t quantify. I had no doubt the hand of the Lord was guiding us.”

He also emphasized on the importance of the Holy Mass as the center of all the activities. He challenged all to look forward on to eternal banquet with God in heaven.

“One day we will celebrate in the banquet of heaven. MSPC reminds us that we adjust our sails towards heaven. We pray, Lord, increase our faith. Lord, after MSPC we still have our own apostolates.”

Lastly, he ended his homily by saying, “thank the Lord for the gift of the church, and say to the Lord ‘increase our faith so that what we do in the future, we may give our best, for in the past you have made known your presence. Guide us Lord along the everlasting way!”

The MSPC is an event happening once in three years where bishops, priests, lay leaders meet to discuss current issues about the local churches of Mindanao. It started in 1971 in Davao City and after 45 years, it was organized again here.

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