What weakens our body?

sunset prayer spiritual healthCancer, diabetes, fatty liver, unstable heart, high blood, obesity, osteoporosis, aids, skin diseases are health plagues that beset this generation.

Responding to man’s need to be healthy, wellness salons and massage clinics dot our city, gyms and sets of exercise equipment are everywhere, and health supplements are big business. Many have wizened to the fact that prevention is much better than cure. Because being sick is expensive.

Physical health ads stresses proper diet, exercise, hydration, enough sleep, hygienic practices, regular medical examinations, and clean environment.

Tempered emotional highs and lows, assurance of family support during illness, fulfillment of bucket list for seniors, acceptance of the inevitability of death and dying are suggested for psycho-social health.

Most people know these, especially the ill. But these physical and psycho-social approaches are not enough. Less focus is on our most important need — spiritual health.

Sin makes man spiritually malnourished.

Pride refuses to forgive. Anger hardens the heart. Lust prostitutes the body. Avarice causes discontentment. Gluttony impairs body organs. Envy causes tension. Sloth underuses and slows down body functions. These capital sins are stressors that weaken our being, and consequently, our bodies.

To forgive, to give second chances, to be pure, to be content, to control excesses, to develop one’s giftedness, to actively serve God through our hands and feet and value the world He gave us through earth stewardship — these are spiritual antidotes to sickness.

Converted hearts talk about better and restful sleep after forgiving those who hurt them. Praying instead of hurting back prevented outbursts of anger. Acceptance of one’s wrong to estranged spouse lessened panic attacks. Trust in God’s providence led to peaceful and simple living. Sharing food with others reduced the body.

The means to all these are our sacraments, with all its extraordinary blessings!

In all the sickness known to man, there is no medical prescription for peace of heart. Let us exercise our hearts then, and invite God to widen its capacity to love, for His use. By embracing His holy will, Jesus can rest in our hearts and nothing can disturb us. The longer Jesus stays within us, the healthier we will be.

With heartfelt praise, to God be all glory! (Bella Sarenas)

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