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Wilmie Escultor

Wilmie Escultor

The end of something bears the existence of something else.

Wilmie Escultor, 29, a parishioner of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal is a dreamer and a mother (at least when she still had her baby), knows much about endings — may it be the sour ones, the good, and the bittersweet.

In this story, we can see how the death of a mother’s child gives birth to a new path in life, and it’s something you probably would never think of.

“Six months lang jud kutob akong baby sa akong tiyan,” Wilmie explains how her baby died due to complications during her pregnancy.

“Kiat kaayo ko ato that time, mao pud siguro gikuha siya sa akoa,” she said. Sadness drew her eyes as she was talking, revealing how regretful she was in her past decisions.

But as a dreamer that she claims to be, she didn’t let the past get on with her present.

After her loss, she puts her mind on things that matter most–her goals in life.

“Gusto jud ko maging fashion designer, pero karon, dili pa man nako kaya. That’s why nisulod ko sa DIY craft making,” Wilmie said.

Indeed, fashion designing is not a career an ordinary person could afford or even dream of, but that doesn’t mean Wilmie can’t start small. She makes DIY crafts for events such as birthday parties and other simple celebrations. This include wall decors, lanterns, vases, and flower arrangements.

She mostly uses recycled materials in which she is very proud of. Her creativity and interest in fashion didn’t go to waste though as she also makes dresses, gowns, costumes and props for pageants.

DIY craft making also helps Wilmie in her daily expenses.

“Bahalag dili kaayo dako ang ginansya basta makatabang siya sa pang konsumo adlaw-adlaw,” Wilmie said.

She also proved that she is not into DIY craft making just for the heck of it, but because she is happy doing it.

“Ang akoa lang is malipay ko bahala’g gamay ang kita,” Wilmie explains. Nothing really makes you happier than doing the things that you love.

Wilmie Escultor (left) Marelou Sarabia (right)

Wilmie Escultor (left) Marelou Sarabia (right)

She brags how people help her achieve her career, with one lending her a sewing machine for her dresses, and with one lending her with all the moral support that she needed.

“Of course dili nako ni makaya kung wala akong mother-in-law,” Wilmie admitted.

Marelou Sarabia, 42, serves as Wilmie’s “partner” as she described her. She helps her not just in DIY craft making, but also in life with all the thick and thin that come along with it.

“Daghan man kaayo mi ug kaagi sa kinabuhi, basta pirme lang jud mi magtinabangay,” Marelou said. She has been Wilmie’s right hand since she lost her baby, and that is another thing that emerged from that ending, a bond that would last a lifetime.

“Pirme nako na sila gina ingnan dili mu-give up kay maagihan jud nato tanan kalisod sa kinabuhi. Basta magpadayon lang jud sa ginabuhat miskan kapoy,” Marelou said as she shares their recent struggle in life. Their dog bit a neighbor which resulted to unpaid debts. This puts the sewing machine given her in jeopardy.

The mother-in-law indeed taught the daughter-in-law well as she tells people: “Change your plan, not your goal,” Wilmie said with a smile that tells she does not need to make any long explanation.

Something good has emerged from a tragic end — a dream. Not all dreams lull us to sleep safe and sound either. What is sure is that, there is always a way which could drive us to wake up and start making that dream into a blissful reality. (Karl John Zsygfrydd D. Calvez | HCDC Intern)

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