Honor Parents of Clergy & Consecrated Persons

Pope St. Pius X used to say that vocation comes from the heart of God and passes through the heart of the mother… and the father too (emphasis mine).

If God honors the person by calling her/him to serve the Church as a priest or consecrated person, we also should do so because we are immensely benefitted by their service and witnessing.

This immense benefit is to bring us closer to God through the sacraments and their various ministries of catechetical instruction, formal education, socio-economic projects, conscientizing efforts and promotion of the culture of dialogue and peace.

Their examples of holy life, the remarkable dedication to duty their pains and sacrifices are no less immensely beneficial.

And as we all know sons and daughters reflect something of their parents in their personality and behavior.

But how should we honor them? How should recognize them?

I will not answer these questions here. I leave them to the wisdom and creativity of our lay leaders and lay faithful who are the beneficiaries of the services and exemplary life of our clergy and consecrated persons.

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