The Relevance of Clergy and Consecrated Life

The CBCP-initiated Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Life starts this Advent Season 2018. In simple terms the bishops wish us all to focus our prayer, reflection and celebration on the diocesan priests and on vowed men, women religious and seculars so that their life and ministry becomes or continues to be of real importance in the daily life of the people today.

Prayer, Reflection, and Celebration

Prayer. Prayer is like breathing. If you don’t breathe you die. It applies to everyone, to all the baptized without exception.

Reflection. Studies, researches, formation, symposia, and conferences on priestly vocation and life as well as on creative and effective witnessing of religious and seculars will hopefully enrich the Church.

Celebration. There is and there will be many and beautiful examples of heroic witnessing of the diocesan clergy, and touching missionary enterprises showing the growth of the Church’s various forms of consecrated life.

All these are possible because of the power of the Risen Lord.

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