Jesus practices Sagop Kinabuhi in the Eucharist

Hear ye, hear ye! Listen to Abp. Romulo G. Valles, D.D. as he shares about the church’ stance on drug addiction and on its community rehabilitation program, Sagop Kinabuhi Program II.

There is a challenge, a call that the church must be the one that will give its action to care for those in need especially for our realization of the worse effect that we could have imagined, in drug addiction with illegal drugs particularly in shabu.

When they first use drugs, people may perceive what they see to be positive effects. They may believe that they can control their use. However, drugs can quickly take over a person’s life.

“Ang problema sa drugs, it kills. It kills us. It kills our future.”

Even in the law made by man, it is not lawful to kill.

“Bisan atong president, miingon man intawon si President Rody Duterte, miingon siya. It is not our policy to kill innocent civilians.”

But what is the stand of the archbishop of Davao?

The Mass is always SAGOP KINABUHI.

The church has no other stand. The church doesn’t invent stance.

“Jesus in this mass is always SAGOP KINABUHI, His orientation.”

Why is it that the church is still being questioned about this?

The way we engage the world and see the world will be with the eyes and heart of Jesus.

Why do we hear little about this news from the media?

But I haven’t watched if this was started in the news, dugay nang gisugdan. We do not really give press release.

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