Life Journey as a Teacher

Learning-TeachingThe life of a teacher is a message of love and goodness through their encounter with their students. This is their trademark as facilitators of learning. All of these were being empowered during the spiritual enrichment seminar initiated by the Cluster 5 in Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao entitled “EsP Spiritual Enrichment and Project Based learning Integration” at Audio Visual Room, Crossing Bayabas National High School, Toril, Davao City last December 16, 2017. “Never forget the value of God in your lives, defend God’s initiative, rely on Him with everything in this world as the product of God’s eminence,” Fr. Ritsche Gamaya, the director of Davao Verbum Dei Media Foundation, Inc. said to all the teachers present during the seminar. He also shared a beautiful story about the family who suffered so much of poverty. But after many years the children graduated in college and became professionals. Their trials in life became a testimony to share, and was a message to everyone who are victims of poverty to become victorious.

How powerful our God is, that everything makes us connected with each other that no one could live without others. To live in happiness is to share our being as persons endowed with intellect, heart, body, spirit and soul. To live alone without others is lonely moments and life without God. The life of a teacher is a mission of heart to form different lives and as Christian to bring souls in heaven.

Their lives transformed into meaningful characters and bountiful blessings as they celebrated the Holy Mass with Mass presider Fr. Ritsche Gamaya. After the Mass, they valued their faith in God. They also had their sharing of faith experiences, how spirituality in God developed and when it started. They opened up their sentiments, grudges, cruelty, and happiness and how God saved them in many particular situations. One of the teachers shared his life before he realized having a renewed life. He was full of selfishness, arrogance of not accepting his fault of doing beyond the will of God that made his family unhappy because of him. But God is just, he experienced tragedy of sickness that made him realize to change his lifestyle and aligned to God’s Will. His family is happy now because of his total transformation made by the merciful and loving God.

In the Spiritual Enrichment Seminar, they also encountered that religion is designed to form perfect relationship with God and the believers keeping in touch their spirituality. Religion without spirituality results to war, hatred, indifference and spirituality without religion is like travelers without destination.

This journey as a teacher made them realize to continue serving their learners with a deep sense of mission of heart a task to do as family member in DepEd and work hand in hand in the community where they belong.

This program will continue on January 6, 2018 and January 20, 2018 at Crossing Bayabas National High School, Toril, Davao City. The event was approved by the DepEd Superintendent, Davao City Division Maria Ines Asuncion, CESO VI and Segundina C. Ramos, School Principal IV with their Resource Speaker Fr. Ritsche Gamaya. The Education Program Supervisor in EsP, Marilyn Marcelo and EsP Secondary Consultant, Fortunato B. Sagayno, PSDS, Cluster 5 Head were very supportive with the said program as well.

Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao subject is moving towards quality life of learners and it begins with quality teachers. The Davao City Division with the active performance of PSDS, Marilyn Marcelo as Coordinator in EsP, Division of Davao City. Other schools both elementary and secondary in Davao City Division are also doing programs and projects like this with full cooperation of EsP teachers as prime mover. (Cora Cuison Amaro | EsPTeacher)

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