The Panata or vow of devotion to Black Nazarence has become so popular in the country. Every Friday, devotees flock at Quiapo Church in Manila for the novena. In Davao, the Gagmay’ng Kristohanong Katilingban (GKK) in New Lanzona, Matina headed by Mrs. Mercy Ayon, servant-leader, and other communities joyfully celebrate the fiesta of Black Nazarene.

Many divine favors, wondrous cures and miraculous escapes have been reported from those who venerate this image dressed in purple, with one knee bent, bearing the cross on its shoulders, a crown of thorns on its head, and an anguished look on its face. As observed, most devotees are young and middle adult family breadwinners, employees, and college graduates.

Our devotion to the Black Nazarene and any other devotion should make us carry our own cross and the cross of others. It should mold us into becoming like Christ who takes time to kneel full of trust that despite our trials and difficulties, we can make it through God’s help. Identifying with the Black Nazarene our anguish brought about by feverish pursuit of pleasures and blunted conscience should lead us to reach out to others.

Lord Jesus of Nazareth who suffered on the cross, have mercy on us and save us!

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