Project feeding to the boarders of Davao City Jail

It’s the Season of giving and sharing blessings once again!

The Davao City Jail – Main and its general populace is once again receiving gifts for our fellow brethren behind bars and we are thankful enough to have received hygiene kits from one of our beloved Support Group Volunteers with the help of Ms. Welvie Bangcong, a member of the Archdiocesan Commission on Prison Welfare and in partnership with Project Feeding represented by Ms. Trina Valencia together with her friends and in collaboration with the Davao City Jail Inmates Council.

God always have worked in mysterious ways, as attested on personal accounts from inmates who benefitted from their kindness, some felt unexplained warmth as they enjoyed the breeze of the group’s assistance bringing smile on their faces with the thought that strangers came to their aide during times of their need leading to instigate common good to fellowmen.

The inmates of Davao City Jail – Main would be forever grateful for their kindness and especially for being an inspiration for a better life during incarceration and best life when released to the community where we now know that would still accept them. Having cited the group’s selfless act of generosity towards strangers leading to conclude that strangers came to accept and help them, giving the insinuation that their peers on the community they once belong would still welcome them, when the day they would be given the chance to become part of the mainstream of our society.

As family values and character have been a great influence in the Filipino culture, in one way or another their generosity has helped DCJ Inmates, as it will always be instilled in their hearts that strangers came to share and befriends with them like what God has done to his brothers and sisters.

A Happy Yuletide Season to all of you! (Marian Carmela Raquel | ACPW)

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