Reunion & Resolutions

familyWe are six siblings in the family, named alphabetically from A to F. Although those abroad were missed, all six families were represented, and came to Hong Kong for a Christmas reunion. Our eldest is 71 years old, and our youngest is 4 months old. Being complete was a blessing.

The special season blessed me with resolutions for my coming years. Now, for me, family means:

F – orgiveness. I look at all my siblings and realise I love them beyond childhood hurts and childish issues. Who is right or wrong matters little at my age.

A – cceptance of each other’s uniqueness. Although from the same parents, we are individually different — fast, slow, sensitive, funny, serious, no care, detailed.

M – emories. Reminiscing, we love our parents more deeply now. Long gone, I know they are comforted by our prayers. We now pass on the values they lived by. We pray that the next generation passes them on too.

I – mpressions that need to be discarded. Once a tattle-tale, now a protective loving sibling; slow-learner was a two-time national government scholar; cry-baby is a respected doctor; the quiet one, straight-faced, sends us to stitches with his jokes; billiards king is a retired bank officer, faithful husband, doting father & granddad; the baby of the family is now a consultant in the department of education.

L – aughter. Get-togethers were always laughing-to-tears occasions of remembered past or current jokes.

Y – AHWEH is The Heart of all our families. We were the biggest group who gave each other the sign of peace during Christmas mass. Smilingly, others looked at us.

We share all — the past, present and the future. We have started planning for 2018 Christmas reunion. I hear them now, I’ll bring chicharon and Pinoy sausages, litson mine, suman ube too, camote, cardaba banana yours, and on and on. Boodle again guys!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “the relationships within the family brings an affinity of feelings, affections and interests, arising above all from the members’ respect for one another (CCC 2206).” I thank GOD for giving me this family, and I hear amen from A-F! To GOD be all glory! (Bella Sarenas)

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