About Us

Heeding the call of Pope Francis to evangelize the people at the periphery, the Archdiocese of Davao, through its Archdiocesan Commission on Social Communications, strengthens its presence in whatever available media platforms today.


Davao Verbum Dei Media Foundation, Incorporated, a duly-approved not-for-profit organization, was established last June, 2009 to carry out pastoral instruction Communie et Progressio elaborated by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and Aetatis Novae approved by Pope Paul VI.


A community of disciples of Jesus Christ in the Archdiocese of Davao, evangelized and evangelizing, transformed by the Word of God (Verbum Dei), incarnate in the lives of the faithful.


Participate in the Christian view of communication, the Davao Verbum Dei Media Foundation, Incorporated, propagating the Christ-life, do commit ourselves:

  1. To serve as the fountain head of the faith serving as a medium for social communication;
  2. To create with prudence multi-media programming for the family, youth, and children.

Inspired by the shining example of Mary, the Holy Mother of God and the model of the Church and with the guidance of the legitimate authority of the Catholic Church, we yield to God in carrying out this mission.


  1. To carry out set of scenes for concrete pastoral work in communications and progress as elaborated by the Pontifical Commission for the Means of Social Communication (Communio et Progressio).
  2. To treat current challenges like the need for critical evaluation, communication and development and the right to information (Aetatis Novae).
  3. To use communications and media which are powerful instruments of progress as the way to give the public access to information which are true and accurate.
  4. To be part of the Catholic press which will bring knowledge of the Church to the world and vice-versa (a knowledge of the world to the Church).
  5. To effectively promote dialogue inside the Church and between the Church and the outside world.
  6. To cooperate by sharing resources and knowledge among conferences and between dioceses and other institutions such as religious communities in the fields of spiritual formation and pastoral care, communications and development of people, training and research, public relations and education.

As of today, we have three multi-media platforms in operation:

Davao Verbum Dei Media Foundation, Incorporated is the publisher of Asia’s longest-running Catholic Newspaper entitled Davao Catholic Herald, the media arm of the Commission on Social Communications of the Archdiocese of Davao. It is circulated throughout the Davao Region, particularly the Davao sub-regions – Davao, Digos, Tagum and Mati (DaDiTaMa).

With the various advancements in this digital era, the social media and the like are much utilized by the public of different age, groups, social affiliations, nationality and religious backgrounds. For this reason and based on the mandate of Inter Mirifica, the Davao Catholic Herald as the existing mass media tool of the social communications and mass media apostolate of the Archdiocese of Davao makes use of the World Wide Web (www) to bring fourth the Gospel to the world.

Davao Catholic Herald launched its website last 2011.


“Since public opinion exercises the greatest power and authority today in every sphere of life, both private and public, every member of society must fulfill the demands of justice and charity in this area.” (Inter Mirifica, 8). The social media ministry of the Davao Catholic Herald endeavors to have more interactive and responsive website and social media platforms where the people can learn more about their faith, share their religious experiences and “form and spread sound public opinion” (Inter Mirifica, 8).


  1. Journalism
    1. Disseminate, properly explain, and responsibly treat news concerning the life of the Church (Inter Mirifica, 14) and the need for critical evaluation, communication, and development and the right to information; with special emphasis on pastoral priorities (cf. AN).
    2. Foster Christian view in treating news items and current events and to encourage archdiocesan and parochial engagement.
  2. Technology
    1. Fully integrate the paid, owned and earned media by utilizing the website and mobile platforms to post true and accurate Catholic-oriented news and updates to the community
    2. Encourage smart conversation online while respecting the views and opinions of others.
  3. Heart to Evangelize
    1. Instill a fully Christian Spirit into the readers (Inter Mirifica, 14) by giving them the opportunity to share the life of the Church and religious truths (Inter Mirifica, 14) guided by the Magisterium.
    2. Orient the community by making the Gamay’ng Kristohanong Katilingban (GKK) or Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) as the root of our Church as we capture and re-evangelize more faithful back to the Holy Catholic Church.


A community of disciples of Jesus in the Archdiocese of Davao heralding the Good News of salvation to all the people around the globe through an apostolic and up-to-date convergence of integrated new media tools, under the maternal guidance of Mary, the Star of Evangelization.


Endowed with God’s unique gifts and guided by the principles of enriched Christian view of social communications and mass media, we commit ourselves:

  1. a. To build a “community” of Catholic believers that has a heart and mind of an evangelizer of the Good News.
  2. To educate and instruct the faithful in the “proper, careful and intelligent” use if the social media.
  3. To serve as the center of pastoral operations for the social media ministry under the Commission on Social Communications of the Archdiocese of Davao.

Among the available technology today, radio broadcast is still found to be one of the most reliable means in mass communication to convey the Word of God (Verbum Dei). The Archdiocese of Davao is operating its radio station, the DXGN 89.9 Spirit FM (formerly known as DXGN Good News Radio).


The evangelized Christin communities — heralds of the Good News radio.


Spread the Good News of salvation through the mass media; renew, restore, strengthen the faithful towards building God’s Kingdom on Earth through radio.


To foster active participation of listeners, by the listeners, for the listeners and with the listeners.


  1. To produce program that are relevant to Christian family life, youth and religious life;
  2. To promote the faithful-life witness of the GKK; and
  3. To engage in dialogue with different sectors involving social issues and be a vehicle of social transformation

The Davao Catholic Herald and DXGN 89.9 Spirit FM Davao Radio hold office at San Pablo Parish Compound, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City 8021 Philippines. Radio transmitter of DXGN 89.9 Spirit FM Davao is located in Shrine Hills Matina, Davao City 8021 Philippines.