A Thank You to Wonderful People

This is for the people who live, have lived, and will live on this earth. This is for people who contribute for a better world and to those who are open for a greater change.

This is about love for the country.

This is for the people who engage in war, who are in service to protect the fellow citizens with valor and their whole heart. You taught us strength on one’s self, to sacrifice for the greater good and to be persons for others. You taught us selflessness and pride in one’s nation.

This is about love for the community.

This is for the people who keep our communities in order. Our government that may not be perfect but prospers for the better. Businesses and organizations that work together for a thriving economy. Journalists and media practitioners who are responsible in sharing what is truthful and just. This is for those who have awakened us and sparked our curiosity. You taught us practicality, reality and awareness. We have become more open-minded and idealistic. You made us see the flaws and gave us the drive to be united in fixing them.

To our mentors, sirs, ma’ams and teachers who stay up all night to prepare their next lessons to teach for their students the next day.

Knowledge is what we have gained, along with the values that we shall apply in the future. You have helped us prepare for the bigger part of our lives, to the next chapter, to the greater reality.

This is for the people who work hard day and night for their families, and to those who pursue their dreams. To the every blue and white collar workers who start out small. To the farmers and fishermen who make the freshest of meat, fruits and veggies for us to have on our plates. From the everyday tricycle drivers who take passengers to their destinations safely, to the local market vendors who go as early as dawn to prepare for their goods to sell. You have thought us to work hard and to never give up on our hopes. You gave us the strength to carry on and the inspiration to work for our loved ones.

This is about love for the betterment of society.

This is for the people who made great contributions and created a bigger change. To science, religion, history, culture and language. These have all molded us to become who we are today. These have all shared a great meaning to our purpose in life. These all inspired us to know who we want to be.

This is about love for everyone.

This is for our families, friends and loved ones who helped us through thick and thin. This is for those who walk with us in life’s journey. This is for those who have made an impact in our lives and influenced us to be who we are now.

This is for the people who are experiencing their worst. This is for those who feel less about themselves, bullied, abused, and degraded. Raise your heads high, stand up, fight for what is right and make a change. You will never know how much of an impact you can make to those who are experiencing the same but do not know what to do or have not mustered enough courage to do so.

This is about love for every person of every gender, race, status and belief.

Can’t you see?

We all inspire, enlighten and influence each other. We are all part of a big system that work together. We all create a change in one another. We are all different but at the same time connected. And that’s what makes us wonderful.

Without each other, we might not be who we are now.

Without you, I might not be who I am now.

So I say, thank you.

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