Fil-Mission Sunday

Fil-Mission MSP Sunday 2017 editorialThe Mission Society of the Philippines’ (MSP) charism says that “In love and gratitude to the FATHER, ours is a joyful missionary spirit flowing from deep union with CHRIST, through Mary, and in the power of The HOLY SPIRIT willing to spend and be spent in sharing HIS Gospel to all.” Thus, as the official and chief missionary arm of the Catholic Church of the Philippines, MSP priests in five continents and fourteen countries continue to “share with others the faith bountifully received” from the early missionaries since 1965.

In mission, joyful self-giving and self-emptying means to daily “live a life of simplicity (doing own household chores; financial constraints), poverty of spirit (to listen, not impose as a priest; drink river water; no bath for long periods; suffer malaria with the people); chastity (detach oneself from distractions of any kind and be lost in HIM), and obedience (go by canoe tossed by big and strong waves or in a ‘flying coffin’ to mission areas).” Undeterred by the language barrier, “drawing sermons to be understood is sometimes done; fishing countered boredom.”

July 30, 2017 is Fil-Mission Sunday. It is the only day every year when MSP shares church mass offerings. Let us allow The HOLY SPIRIT to grow in us the desire to be on mission, and travel to the world with the Mission Society of the Philippines through our time, talent, and treasure.

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