Gratitude is an attitude

editorial gratitudeJesus was raised by His parents to become a refined gentleman. When bringing back to life the daughter of Jairus, He told the family to give their daughter something to eat. After Lazarus was raised from the dead, Jesus commanded the astounded crowd to unbind him. After feeding thousands of people, He ordered His disciples to gather the leftovers. These are examples of one who had a serious formation from home.

We urge the parents to teach their children the virtues, like the virtue of gratefulness. As many are those who are about to take the board exams, same numbers would flock to the churches; would pray Novenas and promises said; would even ask priests to bless the pencils to be used on the day of reckoning, yet how many would come back after the exams?

Jesus was in utter disbelief when out of the ten lepers healed, only one returned grateful. Not that He demanded gratefulness, but it is only proper to be grateful for such life-changing deeds.

Let us go to the Blessed Mother who attributes everything to God as she recites her Magnificat in the house of her cousin Elizabeth.

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