Our beloved departed

all souls day candlesIn the editorial, we quoted Pope Benedict XVI, his definition of prayer – an attempt to eternity. Our departed loved ones may have lost their bodily existence due to death, but they are very much alive. Our relationship with them did not cease when they left us. On the contrary, in death, our love for them deepens. Our longing for them grows. We always remember them in every Mass. We include them in our mortifications and other acts of love knowing that God will give them merits like little children.

Moreover, in our attempt to eternity, we also include the souls who benefited much from God’s mercy, but fell short of heaven. These holy souls in purgatory appreciate very much our prayers for them, and will remember us always especially when they reach heaven and it is our turn to go through the treatment called death. They will certainly plead for us. We are really just one big family whether we are still struggling here on earth, being purified in purgatory, or enjoying the beatific vision of God. (Johnny Sulit | Contributor)

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