Davaoeños celebrate feast of the Black Nazarene

Davaoeños celebrated the feast of the Black Nazarene in their own faithful ways. In different churches and chapels in Davao City, devotees commemorate their commitment to the Black Nazarene. Through processions, activities, feast lunch and Mass, they have shown their dedication to remain faithful to the dark complexion, Jesus Christ carrying the cross.

“Look at Him my child because He died for you” Fr. Niel Sombrio, the presider said at the feast of the Black Nazarene’s mass held at the Our Lady of Peñafrancia, Deca Homes, Tigatto, on January 9.

He encouraged parents to tell this message to their children, the moment they see the Black Nazarene. “We, as stewards of Christ, are given with a mission to relay to the youth what Christ has done for us. He made a venue for us to have a better life and hope for eternity,” said Fr. Sombrio.

He also said that the Black Nazarene is an image of Jesus Christ during his passion and crucifixion. It is intended for a change of impression to what Black complexion is, as it is being set as a discriminated color of a human being during medieval age.

Many have testified how miraculous the Black Nazarene is. Devotees in Davao City have proven that worshipping the Black Nazarene is truly life changing.

One of them is Catherine Lupian, a resident from Mandug that had been devoted to the Black Nazarene since she was diagnosed with a Typhoid Fever at Stage 1.

“He hears my prayers for my family and myself”, she said. It had been 6 years since she was diagnosed with it. Medical Professionals have attested that commonly, persons with that kind of condition only lasts for 5 years since diagnosis. Now that she had surpassed that, she is very thankful of the life that she has every day and her faith is being strengthened with that.


Procession, mass, medical mission, kids and youth festival, and socio-cultural night comprised the 9th fiesta celebration at the Black Nazarene GKK located in Matina.

Thousands of devotees flock to the chapel as early as 3 am. Fe and May from Baguio District said that their devotion led to the changing of life of the former’s son and the coming of a miracle baby named after “Nazarene” of the latter. The celebration ended with the crowning of Little Ms. Nazarene. The theme for this year is based on the priests’ and consecrated persons’ dedication to the church.


Here in Davao City, an 83 year-old historic figure of the Black Nazarene situated at the San Pedro Cathedral is being worshipped by the people. The said figure was from Spain. It was handed over and taken care of the Joson-Gill Clan. They made it available for the public since 2012 again because the tradition had been stopped during the 80’s.

The church have a 30 minutes procession that started at 3 o’clock despite the drizzling weather, and a community mass by 5:30 pm.


Meanwhile, in Purok 2-A Brgy. 76-A, Bucana, their highlight was the fluvial parade that has been done by the bay. According to Edwin Mayormita, Pangulo sa Katilingban, it was a thanksgiving of the bountiful water resources that was provided by the Lord.

“I hope that there will be an increase in number of devotees here in Davao City and those who are already devotees, will still continue to live with spirit of dedicating themselves to Him,” said Msgr. Leonardo “Nards” Vicente in his homily.

Though there is already great number devotees of the Black Nazarene here in our locale, religious leaders are still hoping that the Healing Miracles of this figure of devotion will be spread to more people and community because many have testified that His presence exists.

It’s not about the original icon of the Black Nazarene that tested the faith of the Davaoeños. They believe that it’s about the presence of the Jesus that made them worship and continue to strengthen their commitment in devoting to Him. (Rochelle Rusiana and Jomarie Dawn Tajo, HCDC Interns | Photos Joey Frias, Alvin Hondos)

(Photos from Black Nazarene GKK’s 9th Fiesta, New Lanzona Village, Matina – Jan. 9, 2018)

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