Pursuing Passion, Garnering Glory: Film guru visits his alma mater

“Always embrace your passion because if you do that, you will always feel inside and out that you are successful”, International Multi-Award Filmmaker, Breech Asher Harani said as he has been given recognition by his Alma Mater, Holy Cross of Davao College as Most Outstanding Alumnus last January 17, 2018 held at the HCDC Sedes Sapientiae Auditorium.

The event was in the initiative of the MC 12, Introduction to film class under the Mass Communication program in collaboration with the College of HuSoComm (Humanities, Social Sciences and Communication) of HCDC. Director Breech was very overwhelmed as they prepared a Grand Welcome for him. He was applauded by the Administration, Deans and Faculty Heads of every College and invited students.

It was 2013 when he started making films, a year after he graduated. He actually landed a job after graduation but he didn’t stay long for he knew it wasn’t his heart that speaks for. From then, he focused on producing films about certain issues and he studies it and made sure that he does something about it. Leaving us the thought that it will be more meaningful if it advocates something that will make someone’s life better.

HCDC is grateful for his achievements. He brought the name of the School into different parts of the world. To mention, in 2014 his experimental film “Through the Mirror” that tackled about LGBT discrimination was the first Filipino Film to be awarded as Best Short Film in Dorothy Slipper Award at the Merlinka International Queer Film Festival in Serbia and at the Springfield LGBT Film Festival in Massachusetts. Also, in 2015 he produced an advocacy animated film about migration and social inclusions entitled “BLUE” that won the International Jury Award, United Nations Television Award and CHINH India Award at the UNAC Plural+ Youth Video Festival in New York City. He is also the founder and director of Alexandrite Pictures that continues to inspire people with its short and advocacy films.

“I made films with nothing,” Breech said.

Breech also uttered that he is very thankful with the academe because the things he learned from there, he was able to use it in his field of interest. All he has those times were passion and the principles that he learned from the school. He also advocates Guerilla Film-making because that is what he did in his productions when he just started.

“We learned from him that we don’t need to have expensive, extravagant equipment to produce films. If we have the perseverance, we will find a way to make our visions produced”, Krizzy Daugdaug, a Mass Communication student remarked.

In his humble self, he added that he didn’t expect that people will treat and see his films inspirational and motivational. Ma’am Dahlia Reoma, his instructor in College said that she has seen his potentials before but more than that is the attitude. She imparted that a person will be brought to glory if he/she will keep himself/herself grounded.

Undeniably, he is being admired by many now. Every speaker is being looked up to and now that he talks in front of the crowd he is very glad because he was just an ordinary student for him before. He didn’t envision himself as to what he has right now. He is very pleased because he is not always here in Davao but as he came back here, he received a recognition that he didn’t expect to have when he was still in College.

With that, he had shared his knowledge and expertise. A Creative Imaging Workshop followed after the event wherein he showed some of his produced films to the initiating class, MC 12. He also gave tips on proper lighting, angling and other techniques in making films. He entertained questions raised by the aspiring film-makers as well.

Aside from the fact that film-making is really his passion, he also stated that he is always excited on this field because his inspiration are his parents. He can say that they don’t have any idea what he is doing but they are very supportive of him and they encourage him always. The love from his parents plays a big part in his career right now.

Of course if there were ups, there were downs too. He also cited that the main obstacle in his career is rejection. One should expect that along the way because if there are people that love it, some would also hate it. He just think that maybe there is a reason for it. And that he has to do better the next time around and he ensures that he did his best to cope with it.

He hopes that many more individuals will push through with their dreams and that the film industry here in Davao will flourish. Although we can say that it was already ignited, there are still some issues that hinders the film-makers and aspiring film-makers here.

“If they love doing films they should do it”, Breech said.

He indicated that many talents are hidden in provinces but they are being pulled back because of certain reasons like those who are already open for opportunities are the ones that are prioritized.

He also advised his co film-makers and those who are interested in the field of film-making to never compromise their films with what is just on the trend. They should explore and inspire in a good and positive way.

“I keep my films grounded with Christ-like living. Choosing what’s good and inspire others to do well,” Director Breech said.

Prof. Reoma, remarked that Breech has been part of the transfer of technology. What really matters in producing films or advocacy films is the purpose and central idea, that is to advocate for the betterment of humankind. (Rochelle Rusiana | HCDC Intern)

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